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A Fazenda 15: In a statement, Cariúcha’s team is unaware of the alleged trial initiated after a mixup with Lucas Souza:…


On the company’s social networks, the statement was published this Thursday (28).

Photos: Reproduction/RecordingPhotos: Reproduction/Recording

In a published statement, Peo Cariúcha’s team said on social media that they were not aware of any procedure that Peo Lucas Souza’s team had initiated after the two had an argument at the headquarters of A Fazenda 15.

“So far we are not aware of any civil or criminal proceedings in which our client is involved,” says the text, which also emphasizes that they are waiting for further information. “Through legal means of process service.”

> Photo: Reproduction/Instagram Cariúcha

The artistic team also does not believe that Cariúcha has committed any type of crime. “The only person who has the authority to impose a sentence is a judge. Therefore, there has been no criminal behavior on the part of our client so far.”

Finally, the article was also highlighted in the text “immediate consideration”. “Response is to replace the injury with another injury. In other words: It occurs when the victim also violated the perpetrator’s subjective honor and was also violated shortly afterwards. In this case, none of them are criminally liable.”