A fatal poisoning for this influential Russian scientist

A fatal poisoning for this influential Russian scientist

A Russian scientist involved in space exploration in his country has died after allegedly ingesting poisonous mushrooms.

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According to the Moskovsky Komsomolets daily, 77-year-old intellectual and professor Vitaly Melnikov was poisoned and died two weeks after ingesting the harmful substances.

The man, who headed a department within the company RKK Energuia, which specializes in the development of spacecraft and rockets, died in hospital after several treatments in vain.

The circumstances that led to the poisoning remain unclear.

This death occurred two weeks after the probe launched by Russia on the moon crashed.

Since the war in Ukraine, the Russian Federation has recorded a wave of deaths under mysterious circumstances.

War opponents and President Vladimir Putin, especially oligarchs, suffered a sad fate.

In December 2022, a Russian billionaire died after accidentally falling down a flight of stairs.