A doctor in the family for returning to TV?  / Answer by Lino Banfi

A doctor in the family for returning to TV? / Answer by Lino Banfi

A doctor in the family who is expected to return to television? The revelation of Lino Banfi

With at least 10 editions and historically iconic characters, A doctor in the family It can officially be said to be one of Rai home viewers’ favorite fictions of all time. So much so that in these days, which for many Italians are marked by the summer holidays, the well-known TV series has returned viral as a trend on social media, bringing back into fashion the phenomenon of a doctor in the family, whose broadcast in is in great demand among viewers in Italy and it is no coincidence that he was asked about in the pages of the weekly Gente Lino Banfi whether the show is likely to return to television.

Unfortunately, at least for the moment, Lino Banfi reveals that there is no TV sequel to A Doctor in the Family, Nonno Libero, Cettina and Maria: “Will we see the series again with a new season? Nonno Libero won’t be seeing him on TV again, but we’re finishing writing a character similar to him.

So in short, given Lino Banfi’s recent statements, it turns out that a doctor in the family and his character don’t have a television future on the horizon, but the veteran actor and TV face appears to have started the TV preview of a new project television in the pipeline with a role designed especially for him.

Lino Banfi would return to the set of Doctor in the Family

As Biccy pointed out in an intervention to Vanity Fair, Lino Banfi did not hide that he would like to record episodes for a possible new season of Doctor in the Family, as did a colleague of his: “Margot Sikabonyi said she would in the family go to the doctor again? And he’s right. I wanted to go to the premiere of her film because she grew up with me, she’s a family member, a really nice person. I also have a lot of good memories from when we were recording the episodes.

I have to say I get it. IA Doctor in the Family 11 would have done it right away, saying goodbye to the Martini family with maybe 3 or 4 final episodes. If I had my way, getting her adventures back wouldn’t be a problem. But I also know that a lot of actors thought their characters chastised them, almost forced them to do just that.

Lunetta Savino, for example, continued to be called Cettina on the street, even when undertaking much busier projects. I, on the other hand, even wanted to remove my name from the credits and go straight to Nonno Libero, I’ve always liked the idea of ​​becoming the grandfather of Italy.”