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“A difficult and delicate moment”. Lorella Cuccarini moves: The words that Maria never said

The most beautiful couples born in Amici di Maria De Filippi (and who resist)

The most beautiful couples born in Amici di Maria De Filippi (and who resist)

A little over a week after the finale of Amici 21, the emotion is still great: the talent show still works today because it inspires hope, shows passion, and produces talent. However, in addition to the passion for the children’s stories, we cannot help but appreciate the dynamism of the professors. In particular, one of the great professionals was Lorella Cucarini: Loved for her looks, she decided to write a heartfelt letter to Maria DeFilippi.

Lorella Cuccarini is enthusiastic about Maria De Filippi: what she never said

A friendship born in a difficult and delicate moment“. Cuccarini wanted to share publicly, on Instagram, her appreciation and the great affection she has for Maria De Filippi, whose friendship is certainly a privilege. Of course, when the spotlights go down and the curtain falls, it’s time to take stock draw: For Lorella, participating in Amici means a lot, a kind of personal rebirth.

The singing teacher wanted to remember the past and addressed a few nice words to the host of the talent show and added a special photo to her post on Instagram. “Here we are. Maria and I. This isn’t just a photo of a moment in the studio, it’s so much more. The story of an accidental friendshipin a difficult and delicate moment for me”. The indication of when she left Live Life is pretty clear: some time later, Maria actually welcomed her to Amici’s school.

“A thousand letters would not be enough to say thank you. Not only for all the technical aspects that I could talk about for hours, but above all for the privilege of living it and knowing it close by. There are very few people like her around us. Maria deserves everything she has and if possible even more. Friends to Me isn’t just a TV show, it’s it became a family. Proud to be a part,” she concluded, inspiring and moving not only the fans of the talent show, but all of us.

Thanks Maria

Lorella’s letter is a true testament to how much Maria De Filippi is loved in the entertainment world. In fact, the presenter has always been very appreciated precisely for her qualities: she is never disrespectful, she is always correct, but above all – and we know this well – she is human, ready to lend a hand and to be there to help.

Will Lorella Cuccarini join Amici 22? What do we know

The closing words of Lorella Cuccarini’s post suggest that she will be present at Amici 22. Of course, the edition just ended and saw the victory and triumph of singer Luigi Strangis. But the singing teacher says she’s proud to be a part of it, saying school is like family to her now. Also seen the success of the duo Cucca Todocomposed with Raimondo Todaro, Reconfirmation is not unthinkable, in fact: it is quite obvious. We’ll have to wait a little longer for the first formalities, but we’re sure that Lorella will be there: after all, she turned out to be one of the better decisions by De Filippi for the talent.