A couple that makes people react Her husband is older

A couple that makes people react: Her husband is older than her grandfather!

These newlyweds raise the eyebrows of many because of the 61 years that separate them.

The woman and the man, aged 24 and 85 respectively, want to start a family, even though the man is 13 years older than the young woman’s grandfather.

Miracle Pogue from Starkville, Mississippi met her husband Charles while she was working in a laundry room in 2019. They quickly became friends, the Chron reported.

Charles, a retired real estate agent, shared his feelings with Miracle a year after they met. In February 2020, he made his big request to the young woman who became a nurse.

Miracle says her mother Tamika, 45, and grandfather Joe, 72, supported the relationship from the start after seeing how happy Charles made them. The young woman’s father, Kareem, 47, proved more difficult to convince.

“I don’t care if he’s 100 or 55, I love him for who he is. I thought he was maybe 60 or 70 when I met him because he was good looking. He’s active,” Miracle said.

Despite the fact that Charles is over 80 years old, the lovers think about turning to assisted reproduction, so that the old man, who has not yet had children, can become a father for the first time. Miracle wants to give her two children, knowing that she will surely outlive him.

“I want him to have another generation. We want to go to a fertility clinic to see what our options are. We’ve been to a clinic before, but we felt judged even though they didn’t know me. It’s quite disturbing,” Miracle added to the Chron.

The young woman wants to ignore judgments as long as she can become a mother. “Perhaps Charles’ age will discourage us from having children, but I’m keeping an open mind. It can’t work,” she said.

Miracle has been criticized on the internet. “I get negative comments from people who don’t know or like me. I put photos of my husband online and it triggered reactions I couldn’t have imagined,” the young bride said.