1695942028 A Chilean court issues an arrest warrant for El Nino

A Chilean court issues an arrest warrant for El Niño Guerrero, the leader of the Tren de Aragua

The warrior boyHéctor Rusthenford Guerrero Flores, alias Niño Guerrero, leader of the “Tren de Aragua”.

The Guaranteed Court of Pozo Almonte, a municipality in the far north of Chile about 1,400 kilometers from Santiago, issued an arrest warrant on Thursday for Héctor Guerrero Flores, alias El Niño Guerrero, head of the Venezuelan criminal organization Aragua Train. The court accepted a request from the Tarapacá Regional Prosecutor’s Office, led by prosecutor Raúl Arancibia, who presented a document of more than 30 pages accusing him of being the leader of the criminal organization that has been operating in Chile since 2021. Committing crimes such as human trafficking, murder, robbery, kidnapping and extortion.

The arrest warrant came after the Venezuelan government intervened last week in Tocorón prison in Aragua state, considered a hideout of this group with international repercussions. The leader of the Venezuelan mega-gang is a fugitive, and on September 27, the Chilean Investigative Police (PDI) issued an immigration alert revealing the faces, names, aliases and backgrounds of 43 members of the organization.

Although there is no information that there is no record of the 39-year-old Guerrero fleeing to Chile, the prosecutor’s office has requested his arrest, considering that El Niño Guerrero is directly linked to the crimes, who have committed the 40 in different regions The South American country. Members of the Tren de Aragua held in preventive detention in Chilean prisons.

According to a statement from the Tarapacá Public Prosecutor’s Office, Chile “is the first country in South America to issue an arrest warrant against Niño Guerrero.” “The investigations carried out over these two years with our Crime Analysis Unit and our Investigative Focus, together with different investigative police brigades, allow us to do so to confirm that Héctor Guerrero Flores, head of the Tren de Aragua criminal organization, knew about the criminal.” “We have carried out the operations carried out by the cells of this organization and have maintained direct links with local leaders who are currently imprisoned in our country or were operating in Chile,” said Arancibia. And he added that these incidents allowed them to request an arrest warrant against him and thus “accuse him, in the event of his detention in our country, of complicity in the crimes of the members of the Aragua platoon on national territory.”

Arancibia explained that the mega-gang began to expand in Chile “by committing transnational crimes such as migrant trafficking, in order to continue developing criminal activities in the rest of the country such as robberies, extortion, threats, kidnappings, drug trafficking, etc. Human trafficking and murders, among other things.” And he explained that from the beginning the investigation has focused on identifying those who make up the leadership of the Aragua platoon cells that operated and are operating in Chile.

The prosecutor recalled that several leaders of the organization are already imprisoned in Chile and that they have established that “they reported criminal activities to the leadership of the Aragua platoon, represented by Héctor Guerrero, to decide on the commission of crimes and to resolve conflicts.” , determining the quantities to be collected through vaccinations [cobros]and determining the profits generated by the organization.”

Among the 40 detainees in Chile identified as members of the organization’s leadership is Carlos González Vaca, alias Estrella, who was Guerrero’s personal companion before his arrival in Chile. The prosecution states that he served as head of the international office in charge of the Chilean-Bolivian border and that he reported directly to Niño Guerrero.

Also Harold Rangel Villa, alias Harold Petare, the head of the place in Iquique, a city that belongs to the Tarapacá region, along with Anyeli Ramos Villegas, his partner. Ramos is the daughter of El Koki, the leader of the Venezuelan criminal group La Cota 905, who died “in a confrontation with Venezuelan law enforcement forces.”

Another member of the organization’s leadership who is in preventive detention is Edward Nava Navarro, head of the Plaza in Santiago and responsible for the drug distribution of El Tren de Aragua in the metropolitan area, who in turn was the right arm. by Larry Alvarez Núñez, aka Larry Changa, one of the organization’s main leaders, who was in Chile between 2016 and 2022. “His whereabouts are unknown,” prosecutors said.

In addition, there is José Ramón Sequera, head of the Tren de Aragua station in the Coquimbo region in north-central Chile, and Jorge Boyer Rodríguez, head of the station in the Ñuble region in the south. central part of the South American country. .

There are several ongoing investigations of a confidential nature into the Aragua train in Chile. Its members are accused of crimes such as human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation of migrants and young people, especially Venezuelan nationals, as well as extortion, drug trafficking, torture and murder.

54 people from the organization are in preventive detention in Chilean prisons. There are also 40 members of Los Gallegos, an armed wing of the organization that operates only in the Arica region, also in the far north of the country, and is an offshoot of the mega-gang that originated in Peru and then moved to Chile.