A child born to two parents of the same

A child born to two parents of the same sex is born

A same-sex couple in Spain has become the first in Europe to have a child carried by both partners.

According to the media India Today and Indy100, little Derek Eloy, carried by his two mothers, was born last October thanks to a fertility process.

At birth he weighed just over 7 pounds 4 ounces.

Estefanía, 30, and Azahara, 27, began the INVOcell fertility process in March, a procedure that cost around 5,000 euros ($7,510 CAD).

For natural in vivo fertilization, a capsule containing eggs and sperm was first inserted into Estefania’s vagina for five days.

This capsule was then removed after examination and selection of the embryos and implanted into the uterus of his partner.

It was Azahara who carried the child during the nine months of pregnancy.

“It was a way for both of us to wear it,” Estefania said.

“The idea that I could join in this way and carry him in my belly was much more exciting,” she added.

This practice already existed in the USA in 2018, but it is a first in Europe.