A British woman accuses the Spanish government of using her prosthetic leg in a campaign to…

A British woman accuses the Spanish government of using her prosthetic leg in a campaign to…

The Spanish artist behind this poster is in an uproar after being accused by several women of using her image without consulting them.

Sian Green-Lord, a British model, doesn’t have enough words to express her anger. “I can’t describe the anger inside me. I’m literally shaking,” she told the Guardian. The reason for his anger? The Spanish government’s reuse of one of his photos posted to Instagram – the fifth in the post shared below – as part of a campaign for inclusion calling for all body types to be accepted on the beach.

Aside from not being contacted at any time regarding the reuse of her image, Sian Green-Lord does not criticize the artist behind the poster, Arte Mapache, for removing her prosthetic leg and adding hair under the armpits and on the legs present in the original photo. An approach that goes against the message that this campaign, entitled “Summer is ours too”, wanted to convey.

A campaign that should be inclusive

On the poster we can see women of all ages, morphologies and skin colors, some with pink hair, others with stretch marks or even one who has undergone a mastectomy.

“It’s one thing to use my image without my permission. Modifying my body, presenting it without my prosthetic leg is another… I don’t even know what to say, but it’s beyond acceptable,” Sian Green continues. Mister.

If we compare the photo published on Sian Green-Lord’s Instagram account with the Spanish countryside, the comparison is clear. Aside from adding hair and a leg, the artist only made sure to change up the print of her white swimsuit.

The artist’s apology

When asked, Arte Mapache explained in a series of tweets on Twitter.

“First, I would like to publicly apologize to the models for taking inspiration from their photos for the ‘Summer is Ours Too’ campaign and using an unlicensed font (I thought it was free.)” she wrote .

An apology accepted by Sian Green-Lord, who lost her left leg in New York in 2013 after being hit by a taxi. Since then she has been a model and lectures about her experiences.

Another British model, Nyome Nicholas-Williams (@curvynyome on Instagram), has also accused artist Arte Mapache of using her image without contacting her first. “Good idea, but bad implementation!” She complained on Instagram.