1690144601 A baby was rescued from an SUV in the middle

A baby was rescued from an SUV in the middle of a heat wave

Amid the horror of the scene, customers at a Texas gas station on Wednesday rescued a baby trapped in a car in the middle of a heat wave.

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The dramatic scene was captured by a citizen and published on the social network TikTok.

Harlingen police said the toddler’s parents accidentally locked him in the SUV, reports the San Antonio Express News.

In addition to calling for help, the child’s father rushed to have sharp objects available to smash the window of the Buick-branded vehicle.

After a few seconds, the American managed to smash the windshield with a tire iron.

The baby was removed from the vehicle where first aid was given to check his condition.

The temperature at the time was 40 degrees Celsius, as extreme temperatures have prevailed in the southern United States since early July.

A local police spokesman told KRGV that no criminal charges were filed against the parents.

At these oppressive temperatures, it takes no less than ten minutes for the mercury to rise by ten degrees Celsius in a stationary vehicle.