A 300 million lawsuit against all Freedom Convoy truckers and

A $300 million lawsuit against all Freedom Convoy truckers and donors?

A lawyer is hoping to successfully prosecute thousands of truck drivers and participants in the $300 million “Freedom Convoy” that occupied Ottawa last winter.

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Me Paul Champ, who filed a class-action lawsuit against organizers of the convoy last February, told CTV News on Wednesday that he wants the lawsuit to be expanded to include everyone involved in the convoy.

If the request is granted, around 400 truckers and tens of thousands of people who have donated on GoFundMe or GiveSendGo, for example, could be affected by the class action lawsuit.

The participants could be identified from numerous pictures taken at the protest and donor lists, the plaintiffs argued.

The lawyer and his staff want to represent a group of about 24,000 citizens of downtown Ottawa affected by the occupation of the capital.

The fate of the class action lawsuit still lies in the hands of the courts, which must approve the lawsuit before it can proceed.

Recall that supporters of the convoy had donated up to $20 million to various online fundraisers. That sum was frozen by the courts at the request of Paul Champ until the dispute was settled in court.