A 12yearold girl dies in a “blackout challenge” on Tiktok

A 12yearold girl dies in a “blackout challenge” on Tiktok

Girl Milagres Soto, 12 years old Argentina was found dead in the bedroom of the house where she lived in Capitan Bermdez (Photo: Racebook/Reproduction)

Milagres Soto, 12, was found dead in the bedroom of her home in Capitán Bermdez, Argentina, after taking part in the “Blackout Challenge” shared in videos on the Tiktok social network.

The information was confirmed by the girl’s aunt on Facebook. In the post, the woman asks to share the news. “My family and I have no consolation.”

The Blackout Challenge challenges people to hold their breath until they pass out. Milagres was found with a makeshift noose around his neck.

In 2022, the family of a 10yearold girl who died on the TikTok challenge sued the social network in Pennsylvania, USA. Nylah Anderson was found unresponsive on December 7, 2021 after attempting the Erase Challenge.

The child was taken to the hospital but died five days later. Shortly after the girl’s death, Nylah’s mother, in an interview with ABC, urged parents to pay attention to the content their children consume online. “Make sure you check your kids’ phones. You never know what you might find on their phones. You wouldn’t think 10yearolds would try that,” he said.

other challenges

In August 2022, a 10yearold boy died in Bairro Piraj, in the northeastern region of Belo Horizonte, after entering a closet and sniffing aerosol deodorant.

The family raised the possibility that the boy had entered the closet to complete an alleged challenge promoted by social media.

In 2018, a 7yearold girl died in São Bernardo do Campo after inhaling aerosol deodorant. According to the family, Adrielly Gonçalves was performing the “deodorant challenge” she had seen on social media when she passed out and went into cardiac arrest.