A 10  year  old child is attacked by a shark in the open sea: the result is terrifying!     Once upon a time there was a pub

A 10 year old child is attacked by a shark in the open sea: the result is terrifying! Once upon a time there was a pub

In the United States this terrible attack took place. More precisely in Florida. during a 10 year old child dove in the sea he suffered a bite from a shark in the Keys archipelago. Even though he made it out alive, he still does lost a leg. We explain everything to you here.

A child suffers a shark attack

Last Saturday, a 10-year-old child was attacked by a shark in the Keys archipelago in Florida. He was supposed to spend the day snorkeling in the sea, but his day passed completely different. In fact, it was on the reef of Looe Key, in deep water. But duringhe dived, A shark appeared From nowhere. He must have thought when he saw the child that it was a fish he could eat. This shark appears to be a bulldog sharkit was over 2.4m according to Joshua Reeder, the child’s uncle.

This kid is a 10-year-old boy named Jameson Reeder Junior. while he suffered shark attackhe still manages to “miraculously” catch a foam stick floating. And it is thanks to that that he could be saved by his family who, according to our Parisian colleagues, were present at the scene of the tragedy. When his family saw that his leg had been bitten, they immediately had a good reflex. In fact, the jaw of a shark more than two meters against the leg of a child 10 years old, the fight is not very fair. So the little boy started to lose a lot of blood from his leg. Luckily, his family had the reflex to do it right away make a tourniquet. In this way she wanted to prevent the child don’t bleed too much.

A big injury

Because if that kid’s leg had lost a lot of blood, the consequences could have been far worse. If his family hadn’t saved him, the shark might have kept attacking him or he might have just bled to death. So to stop the little one from doing it lose too much bloodThe family put on a tourniquet call for help.

Happily, The 10-year-old was helped fairly quickly. He was hospitalized in Miami. But despite the quick treatment, he had to be amputated. And that from his leg at the knee. The little one’s uncle testified on Facebook: “They just had to amputate him below the knee to save his life, because the damage caused by the shark was inoperable”. He also adds that “He’s off the block now activity and rest”. But Americans don’t get welfare benefits like we do. Therefore, the family finds itself with a salty touch for this hospital stay. She even created a kitten to collect those $50,000 that the hospital cost her.

Shark attacks don’t seem to be very common, but they don’t just happen to other people. There are about 75 in the world every year while the number of deaths is 5. In general Sharks don’t attack humans, if they do, they will be mistaken for another prey. But the global warming we are causing is disrupting their living environment tremendously. and it can violently confuse them.