A 10 fee for those who fail to show up

A $10 fee for those who fail to show up for their reservation at restaurant

Fed up with groups who don’t show up for their reservations, a restaurateur in Magog, in the Eastern Townships, is now charging absentees who haven’t canceled in advance.

The owner of the fondissimo will enforce this measure like other restaurateurs, since the phenomenon causes them significant losses.

“Last weekend I had a group of 20 people who never showed up for their booking. That’s 20% of my sales for the evening. It leads to loss of income and food,” explained Jean-Philippe Plouffe.

The retailer has informed its customers via its Facebook page that there will be a fee of $10 per person, which will not show up if a group of 8 or more makes a reservation.

“We make a note of the credit card number and after the evening the costs will be charged unless a cancellation has been made beforehand. It’s really for the principle of making people aware of the importance of notifying us if they can’t show up.”

The Quebec Restoration Association warns restaurateurs against this type of practice.

“Currently, it is illegal for a restaurant to charge a customer who does not show up for their reservation. However, hotels, hair salons or dental offices can do this. Therefore, we call on the government to adjust the regulations so that we can do the same,” said the organization’s spokesman, Martin Vézina.

Justice Minister Simon Jolin-Barrette responded.

“We have taken note of the Association Restoration Québec (ARQ) inquiry regarding this phenomenon. This is currently being analyzed,” he said.

“Of course we can understand the frustration of the restaurateurs. We invite citizens to be more vigilant and to take the time to cancel their reservation if they do not intend to show up. It’s the least you can do and it’s above all a matter of respect for our Quebec entrepreneurs,” he added.