93,000 smokers die annually in Italy and restrictions are announced

93,000 smokers die annually in Italy and restrictions are announced

A recent report by the Italian Society for Environmental Medicine (SIMA), published this Wednesday by specialized digital website Insalute News, ensures that “smoking is the greatest threat to human health”.

According to the study, this evil “directly causes more deaths than alcohol, drugs, traffic accidents, AIDS, homicides and suicides combined” in this European nation and “is responsible for 20.6 percent of all male deaths and 7.9 percent of all female deaths .

In this sense, in statements published by this news agency, SIMA today expressed its support for the anti-smoking measures announced last Tuesday in the Chamber of Deputies and Senate by the Minister of Health, Orazio Schillaci, including the use of e-cigarettes and heated tobacco.

Among other things, Schillaci presented the legislator with a proposal to extend the ban on smoking outdoors in the presence of minors and pregnant women and to exclude the possibility of setting up smoking rooms in closed rooms.

The minister pointed out that these new restrictions are part of the European plan to fight cancer and aim to strengthen the fight against this vice to create a “generation without tobacco” and that “less than 5.0 percent of the population consume it before the year 2040”.

The President of SIMA, Alessandro Miani, pointed out in this regard that “we believe that a general review of the regulations is essential, introducing strict measures and regulations affecting all smoking products”.

“Those who make billions of euros every year thanks to tobacco sales must be willing to give up some of those generous profits in the name of a greater good like public health,” Miani added.