8 Baby Names That Are Illegal In Many Countries

8 Baby Names That Are Illegal In Many Countries

Around the world there are some names that are forbidden to be given to children.

forbidden baby names Photo: Canva.

You’ve most likely encountered someone with a rather unusual name and wondered what their parents were thinking when they called someone that. After all, who could look into a little baby’s face and think that the name “hashtag” would come in handy? Therefore, in order not to embarrass children, there are some forbidden baby names Now see the most unusual!

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Babies are not allowed to be given names

Next, you will have access to analyze hundreds of databases with information about baby names that are banned in every country in the world along with reasons why those names are banned. Sometimes a little creativity leads to adorable and unique names. In other cases, thinking outside the box has disastrous consequences. To save lives, governments around the world have decided to ban a number of offensive, disturbing, or downright ridiculous baby names.

Forbidden names

  • Adolf Hitler: banned in Germany, Malaysia, New Zealand and Mexico because it was the name of the Nazi leader in Germany in the 20th century;
  • Akuma: Banned in Japan because it means devil;
  • emir: Saudi Arabia as it means “prince” and in this country it is not possible for citizens to have names related to kings;
  • Brfxxccxxmnpccccllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116: banned in Sweden as it is not a name, although the baby’s parents claimed it should be pronounced “Albin”;
  • Chow tow: It means smelly head and is banned in Malaysia and Australia as the Malaysian government does not allow children to be given offensive names;
  • Cyanide: It is banned in the UK as it means the name of a deadly poison and can damage a child’s morals as they grow up;
  • Facebook: Banned in Mexico as it means the name of a social platform and in the country it is not possible to assign names to babies without real meaning;
  • Nutella: Name banned in France as it is the name of a product and can lead to bullying.