55 painkillers a day drowned in vodka

“55 painkillers a day drowned in vodka”

On the small screen, that was it chandler out “friends“, with an ever-ready, sarcastic and cutting wit. In private life Matthew Perry secretly fought the demons alcohol and drug. A fight kept under wraps so his colleagues on set would never find out about it, let alone the millions of fans the beloved series has garnered around the world. Only now has Perry found the courage to go public with his struggle, which he recounts in his autobiography Friends, Lovers and the Terrible Thing. It has already been released in the US and is coming to Italy on November 8th with La nave di Teseo.

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Trapped in a character

Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Ross, Rachel and of course Chandler: apart from Jennifer Aniston, who is as well known as she is for her role as Rachel, all the other protagonists of “Friends” are caught up in the characters of the most-watched show of all time, the sitcom, with ten seasons that aired on NBC in the US between 1994 and 2004 and was viewed by over half a billion people in 220 countries around the world.

“I live by a miracle”

Between the pages of Friends, Lovers and the Terrible Thing, Matthew Perry recounts his father’s abandonment when he was little, arriving in Hollywood, the women (including Julia Roberts, who left because “I was too scared of it , to be abandoned »), his character of ‘Friends’, and then the dark side of success: the trauma, the addiction, the 15 attempts at rehabilitation, the just as many surgical interventions on the colon. “I’m living by a miracle,” he writes, recounting how he arrived on the brink of death at the age of 49, eventually drowning 55 tablets of Vicodin in a liter of vodka. “I only wanted to share when I was sure I wouldn’t be groping in the dark again,” he said a few days ago in an interview with “People”, who also dedicated the cover to him. We learn that Matthew suffered a gastrointestinal rupture years ago and spent weeks between life and death – five months in a coma and then another five months in the hospital – after his bowels ruptured from alcohol and opioid abuse. Matthew Perry speaks about himself in such an open way that it’s heartbreaking, direct, sometimes cynical with flashes and “Chandler” phrases that inevitably come out and elicit a smile. And now that the memoir has unearthed the truth, the actor is hoping his co-stars will read it and come alive with him. “I’ve heard someone before. I got some very nice news even though the book isn’t out yet,” he told Diane Sawyer, who interviewed him for Good Morning America.

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