5 signs that you have too much empathy and should think more of yourself

5 signs that you have too much empathy and should think more of yourself

The word “Empathy” is becoming increasingly popular and generally means “empathize”. place of the other“. This seemingly simple exercise could then help us build interpersonal relationships fairer and balanced.

There are these Study the concept deepen, and that is exactly what happened in the research of the scientists Frankfurt School of Managementin Germany.

According to the researchers, people who pay too much attention to the emotions of others can have mental damage.

The downside of empathy

The researchers came to this conclusion Emotional intelligence tests with a group of 166 menall university students who have passed exams easywhich consisted of recognize emotions Basics, like joy and disgust, in photos of facial expressions.

After that, the volunteers had to do Presentations at a bankformed by people instructed to look at the speeches with a strict expression in the face. The researchers measured the before and after the presentation cortisol levels present in the saliva of every university student.

The results showed that participants were more emotionally noticeable were also those who had higher cortisol levelsthe stress hormone, after the presentation.

Overempathy Syndrome

THE too much empathy can really have emotional damage. The ability to be sensitive to a person’s story is natural, but that excitement can be pathological.

To help you deal with feelings better About you and the people around you we have separated some signals that indicate that it is about time focus more on you than in the next. Cash:

  • vibrations of humor due to the social situation of other people;
  • settings overprotective in relation to related persons;
  • difficulty of recognize their own values;
  • will if isolate do not suffer from the misfortune of others;
  • difficulties, a productive life at work.

The basis of life is in many ways the balance. Being touched by sad situations and helping others is nice, yes, but when it takes a toll very large proportion in your life, maybe it’s important seek psychological help.