5 signs someone really doesnt want anything serious with you

5 signs someone really doesn’t want anything serious with you

When a casual relationship becomes something more serious, we have some classic signs that a person is actually interested in dating or even getting married.

However, this is not always the most common casual relationships Stay the way you are and that’s fine.

Ideally, the people involved would leave that clear intentions from the start, but since this is not the case in practice, let’s separate some signs that this person really does not want anything serious. Cash:

The relationship was dull

You gave Match in app of flirting and the person came to talk to you no beatings or deeper conversations? Well… This is a clear indication that she was looking for something more casual.

When we want to date, we invest in conversations, meetings, trips, movies, dinners. When you start talking and things developed quicklyyou already know, right?

The person said that he likes to catch everyone or that he doesn’t want anything serious

Clearer, impossible, but there are always those who think “it will be different for me”. Well… In most cases will not. if man literally speaking, he doesn’t want anything seriousbecause she doesn’t want anything serious.

She went out with friends and didn’t call you

If you connected and texted a few times but the person went to the club every weekend and hasn’t called you, you know that she most likely doesn’t want anything serious.

It’s always you who invites

If it’s always you chasing, asking out, or starting a conversation, it’s time to understand that on the other side there is no desire to establish a relationship deeper.

Everything always ends in a kiss

When you’re together, every movement and conversation leads to it kissing or sexknow that this usually indicates that the relationship actually exists just casual.

Remember that casual relationships are common and can also be healthyas long as there is approval, Protection at the time of sex and of course that both know what to expect.

If you don’t like this type of relationship, leave yours clear priorities in the next conversations, because that way you are more likely to find someone who is willing to date.