5 PHOTOS of Elizabeth Álvarez showing why she WON the heart of Jorge Salinas

5 PHOTOS of Elizabeth Álvarez showing why she WON the heart of Jorge Salinas

The recent scandal of Elizabeth Alvarez Take a look at the actress’ career and discover her 5 photos the show Why did the actor fall in love? Jorg Salinas, who would have been unfaithful to the beautiful actress with her nutritionist after 15 years of marriage, sparking controversy.

with these 5 photos the show why Elizabeth Alvarez conquered the heart of the indomitable Jorg Salinaslearn about the career of the actress who, after a few years on the show, became one of the most respected women in the industry.

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emerald look

Elizabeth Alvarez It has many attributes that underline its great beauty but none like the sensual look adorned with an emerald green tone that will melt anyone, not for nothing. conquered the heart from George salt pans until starting a family.

From his early years Elizabeth Alvarez She was destined for greatness because from a young age she was a beauty queen in her hometown and knew fame awaited her. your show photos that the actress’ poise and class were fundamental to her success.

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One of the most beautiful faces on TV

After having minor roles in his early years, the big opportunity came Elizabeth Alvarezwhich she didn’t want to miss and became one of the most controversial modern villains on television, thanks to her talent for impersonating highly hated characters.

Though villainy is his forte Elizabeth Alvarez and his last works show that she is a versatile actress, able to adapt to roles to bring out the best in them and to etch herself in the public mind.

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15 years of love

One of his most famous soap operas is undoubtedly “Fuego en la Sangre”, a melodrama in which he starred with JOrge salt pans15 years have passed since this television production and it is clear that love has triumphed over fame.

Elizabeth Alvarez conquered the heart from Jorg Salinas After they became a couple during this melodrama, love crossed the screen and forever changed the life of actors since the distant 2008.

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proud parents

After several years as a couple, the reason for this came up Elizabeth Alvarez conquered the heart from Jorg Salinasafter a dream wedding at a Mexican hacienda, the actors announced they were going to be parents to twins, a situation that flooded the artistic medium with tenderness.

León and Máxima, are the names of the children of Jorg Salinas with Elizabeth Alvarezwith whom they shared their love forever, but recently the storm and rumors of infidelity have wreaked havoc on the couple.

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Are they cheating on her with the nutritionist?

Despite so much luck, uncertainty knocked on the door Elizabeth Alvarez after some were leaked photos from Jorg Salinas while kissing her nutritionist, who revealed possible infidelity.

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The nutritionist of Jorg Salinas already came out to clarify the situation and that show photos On the contrary, he assures that he works 100% with the actor, who is still married to Elizabeth Álvarez despite the scandal.