5 PHOTOS of Angelica Rivera showing her BODY CHANGE after

5 PHOTOS of Angélica Rivera showing her BODY CHANGE after reappearing with a NEW face

It was in the 80’s and 90’s when Angelica Rivera He made a successful career and took part in several melodramas on the small screen. From that moment she became one of the most popular actresses in Mexican soap operas.After becoming the former First Lady, the actress has been the center of attention in various media; after staying away from the cameras, these show photos the Cphysical change the seagull afterwards reappear enters New face.

At this moment Angelica Rivera She is 53 years old, but the protagonist of “Distilling Love” looks prettier and younger than ever, because lately photos shared by her daughters on networks, the actress wears one New face. Reason that has attracted the attention of more than one netizen, indicating that the actress looks 30 years old.

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After becoming the former First Lady, Angelica Rivera She has stayed away from the cameras and recording sets due to the personal ups and downs of her professional career. However, the actress has been spotted alongside her daughters lately. These were the ones that some shared photos What show the change physically from Angelica to reappear with New face.

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over the years Angelica Rivera He has had a great transformation in his change physicallyWell, for the past few months, the actress has resurfaced and sported one New face which has attracted attention given that he is seen very young at 53 and with a close resemblance to his daughter Sofía Castro. According to some sources, the seagull is obsessed with looking younger.

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It was even her personal makeup artist who has revealed that from time to time, Angelica Rivera He goes to the surgeon for some sort of aesthetic arrangement. This is because the last photos the actress of ‘La Dueña’ show his New facewith better defined features and much smoother skin.

There are people who claim that change in his physically is due to the edits and filters you use in photos to share them on social networks. Well, according to his daughter Sofia Castro Angelica Rivera has not undergone any cosmetic surgery and that this New face it’s down to the care you take with your skin and genetic factors.

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“I swear that neither my mother nor I nor anyone in the family is against surgery or botox or facials or anything. I would tell them, ‘Yes, my mom took some precautions to stay beautiful,’ Sofia shared in an interview. However, the youngest photos from Angelica Rivera show the great change physically the actress after appearing with one New faceyounger and radiant.

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