5 Moments From Infoman and Bye Bye 2022 to Watch

5 Moments From “Infoman” and “Bye Bye 2022” to Watch or Watch Again – Radio-Canada.ca

Infoman: a tribute to the Ukrainian people

Infoman’s team struck hard this year, sending Jean-René Dufort to Ukraine, scene of the Russian invasion, for a successful journey between Kyiv, Irpin, Boutcha and Warsaw (Poland).

The host with the thousand ties – one of which was worn by Pierre Bruneau – met the very young Amelia Anisovych, who became a figure of the Ukrainian resistance after singing “Let It Go” in a bunker, and Roman Vintoniv, the infoman of the “Ukraine”. . Then he turned on the ground to show us the carcass of the world’s largest plane destroyed by Russian forces, or the makeshift shelters abandoned by Vladimir Putin’s army.

The series of stories, both human and funny, culminated at the end of the broadcast when several Canadian politicians, including Justin Trudeau and François Legault, set the musical accompaniment to a Ukrainian patriotic song interpreted by people who found refuge in the four corners of the country had. .

5 Moments From Infoman and Bye Bye 2022 to Watch

Accompanied by our political figures, we pay tribute to the courage of the Ukrainians who arrive here and greet them with music.

Bye bye 2022: Hockey Canada is going through the wringer

One of the hottest topics of the year was undoubtedly the Hockey Canada scandal, which had a secret fund to compensate victims of sexual assault by its players.

In Bye bye 2022, Guylaine Tremblay brilliantly played a mother distraught to find that she was contributing to this petty cash of rape against her will by paying for her child’s registration in a minor hockey league. That commitment required a series of sacrifices from her, which she expounded vigorously in an Olympic freakout.

Wouldn’t it tempt you, I don’t know, me just to prevent the rape? she exclaimed before smashing a stick in the stands of an arena.

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The daily life of a hockey mom and her relationship with Hockey Canada.

Infoman: the third link under scrutiny

After Ukraine, Jean-René Dufort left Montreal again to report on his experiences, this time to test the third liaison project of the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) between Quebec and Lévis.

Wearing a helmet and a form-fitting outfit, the glitzy animator drove back and forth between the two communities by car several times and for several days at rush hour before presenting the results of his entertaining investigation to Quebec Premier François Legault.

Result: journeys of around thirty minutes that Jean-René Dufort does not seem to have convinced of the need for a new tunnel between the two banks, and this despite the hellish waiting times caused by traffic, according to the new Minister of Education, Bernhard Drainville.

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At risk of his life, Jean-René faces the hell of a Quebec City traffic jam.

Bye bye 2022: Justin Trudeau and Gregory Charles set the tone

The bye-bye team used a viral video of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and artist Gregory Charles on the eve of Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral.

We watched Justin Trudeau (Simon-Olivier Fecteau) and Gregory Charles (Normand Brathwaite) enthusiastically sing Et c’est pas fini (a tune popularized by Star Académie in the 2000s) by Emmanuelle in Ukraine, Provocante by Marjo in Iran , or Y’a tu d’la beer here, by La famille Soucy, at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, in front of an audience that is far from being conquered.

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After the uncomfortable video of them singing on the day of Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, Justin Trudeau and Gregory Charles are going on tour to spread unease around the world.

Infoman: The Pope’s Visit to Canada

Chantal Lamarre and Jean-René Dufort could not resist the temptation to narrate in their own words the visit of Pope Francis I to Canada, a formula that we know well but that always makes us laugh.

The duo therefore chose unflattering scenes of the Holy Father in Canada and embellished them with tongue-in-cheek comments to deflect their meaning. So we can see how the Pope puts his head in his hands and wonders how many days are left on his journey or even suspended [à] Water like a rowboat when approaching a body of water.

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The Pope’s visit to Quebec, narrated by Jean-René and Chantal Lamarre.

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