5 Great Movies of 2022 That Just Arrived on Netflix That Will Invade Your Vacation  Revista Bula

5 Great Movies of 2022 That Just Arrived on Netflix That Will Invade Your Vacation Revista Bula

5 Great Movies of 2022 Just Out on Netflix That Will Invade Your Vacation
Martin Kraut / Netflix

If you are resting at home and watching TV on Corpus Christi, Revista Bula will help you with a list of movies released in 2022 that premiered on Netflix this month. Suspense, action, drama and biography. From Argentine cinema to African cinema, the films selected will surely brighten up your vacation. Highlights for Sebasti├ín Schindel’s The Wrath of God (2022), Daniel Calparsoro’s Centauro (2022); and Trees of Peace (2022) by Alanna Brown. The titles available on Netflix are ordered by release year and do not follow any classification criteria.

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The Wrath of God (2022), Sebastián Schindel

Martin Kraut / Netflix

Luciana faces a series of mysterious family deaths that grow closer to her by the minute, while the enigmatic writer she worked for looks at her in horror and distrust. In a desperate bid to save her only living relative, she must race against time to uncover the truth and end the killing spree.

Up High (2022), Jeremiah Zagar

Scott Yamano / Netflix

Stanley Beren is a basketball scout who accidentally discovers Spanish amateur player Bo Cruz playing at a park outside of Madrid. Seeing a talent in the boy he hadn’t found in a long time, Stanley sees new hope and decides to bring the phenomenon to the United States without the team’s approval. Against all odds, the two must prove they have what it takes to make it to the NBA.

Trees of Peace (2022), Alanna Brown

Disclosure / Netflix

In April 1994, during the genocide of the Tutsis in Rwanda, four women of different backgrounds and beliefs hide together in a cabin, where they stand for months on the brink of survival. The experience of suffering and horror unites them in an unbreakable bond of brotherhood. After their release, they lead a movement to rehabilitate their country.

Centaur (2022), Daniel Calparsoro

Disclosure / Netflix

To pay off his son’s mother’s debt, a young motorcycle racer with dreams of turning pro begins hauling drugs for a cartel, risking his sporting opportunities and his own life in the process. The film is a remake of 2017’s Asphalt of Blood.

Jennifer Lopez: Halftime (2022), Amanda Micheli

Disclosure / Netflix

The documentary is a celebration of Jennifer Lopez’s accomplishments to date and a reminder that there is much more to come. Lopez has been in the entertainment business for 30 years and is only going from strength to strength and becoming more relevant. Her hit list includes films like “Hustlers,” which earned her a Golden Globe nomination, and several songs that propelled her to the legendary Super Bowl show and transformed her into the global megastar she is today.