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5 Books Coming to Stream in 2023; Cash! Itineraries

The literary world generates endless possibilities, characters and environments. In fact, for those who are passionate about reading, it’s amazing when people and places take shape. If you think about it, multiple streams are investing in some stellar productions in 2023. So now hit five Books being adapted for the streaming catalog and who can win your heart.

5 works that will win adaptations for streaming

Percy Jackson and the Olympians — Disney+

After many months of deliberation, we finally have a hammer down: the adaptation of Percy Jackson and The Olympians is arriving on Disney+, and it looks like it will be in 2023. The series will star Walker Scobell, Ayran Simhadri and Leah Sava Jeffries.

Flower Moon Assassins Apple TV+

The adaptation of David Grann’s work will be coming to Apple TV+ very soon. This is thanks to Martin Scorsese, who accepted the position of director of the production. However, there is still no exact forecast for the release of this work in streaming.

Liar — Prime Video

E. Lockhart’s book is a major highlight. With that in mind, many fans are pointing out that his adaptation would be quite the production. While we don’t have a premiere date on Prime just yet, we do know that the screenwriter is the same as The Vampire Diares series.

Turtles Down HBO Max

The story tells the life of a girl and how she copes with her youth, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). John Green’s book still doesn’t have an official release date, but it has everything it takes to be a huge hit once it comes out.

Red, White and Blue Blood — Prime Video

Finally, Casey McQuiston’s LGBTQIA+ novelrated production is coming to the Amazon Prime Video catalog in 2023. The plot involves a lot of love and courage to live an intense and controversial passion.

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