49ers News: John Lynch says “it will be a challenge” to bring back DJ Jones

The 49ers will have to prioritize how many of their unlimited free agents they would like to retain. Once this number is reduced to two digits, difficult decisions begin to occur.

Would you pass without re-signing Rahim Mostert? Is it worth bringing Jason Veret back? Do we really want to have a new offensive line for our first quarterback? If this is the line of thinking, then Laken Tomlinson is at the top of the list of 49ers returning.

DJ Jones is polarizing in the sense that you could argue with Niners to bring him back or let him walk around during a free agency. Jones had the highest NFL victory rate of 48% – three percentage points higher than second place.

Jones’ best job comes when he doesn’t make grips, as he usually splits or holds against double teams, allowing the defenders behind him to run freely and make a grip in the backfield.

49ers general manager John Lynch spoke about the challenge it will be for the team to keep Jones this offseason:

“If his goal was to stay here, he made it very difficult. We live with hope. And I don’t even hope he misses the market because he won it and missed the market last year. It will be a challenge. We can do it, but we have a number of things we want to do. We’ll see how far that goes. “

Only one unlimited free agent in defense had more grips than Jones last season and he played 114 more shots. Jones is only 27, making him one of the youngest defenders in this class of free agents.

After a healthy season, with how productive Jones was and his age compared to the market, Jones expects a salary increase in a few weeks.

Bearing in mind Kinlaw

If the 49ers choose to let Jones walk in a vacant position, that’s a good sign for Javon Kinlaw’s recovery. Lynch said Kinlow’s rehabilitation was “really good” on Wednesday and that the former first-round pick had made “huge gains” in rehabilitation.

Lynch talks about how Kinlow was in the building, and it’s nice to have Kinlow’s smiling face.

“He is doing very well, he really is. It’s nice to see Javon with a smile. It doesn’t hurt anymore and he’s a big man. I think the plan is that he can return during the off-season program, but we want to make sure he is fully rehabilitated. “

Based on Lynch’s tone, the 49ers will be careful with Kinlaw and take things slow to ensure he is 100%:

“It simply came to our notice then. We want to see him healthy … So we just have to be confident and very diligent and committed to that. That he is healthy before he returns, and if that means training camp, that means training camp. ”

Kinlow was rehabilitated in the same facility that Boza used when he broke the ACL. Kinlow also underwent surgery by the same doctor who operated on Boza’s ACL rupture. So there is reason for optimism if Kinlaw is in Bosa’s plan.

Arik Armstead was excellent when he went inside full time. There is no reason to move him from 3-technique after playing at the All-Pro level. And while we have reason to be optimistic about Kinlow, the story of 49ers with injuries and 300-pound men recovering from bad knees makes it difficult to let Jones go.

Lynch said, “It would be fun to have them all there.” That would be the best case scenario and would maintain the deepest defensive line in the NFL.