49ers’ Brandon Aiyuk praises Trey Lance’s maturity after hard training

49ers’ Brandon Aiyuk praises Trey Lance’s maturity after hard training

SANTA CLARA — After arguably Trey Lance’s worst workout at boot camp, Brandon Aiyuk gave an update on the 49ers quarterback’s mental state.

It was a shorter practice than the club on Saturday, where Lance was able to piece together several long and productive rides. On Sunday, the young play caller was only able to complete four of his 12 passing attempts, with his last throw ending in Fred Warner’s hands for an interception.

Aiyuk shared that Lance didn’t seem nervous at all and viewed everything as a learning experience that he will use as he prepares for the regular season. That’s why it’s called exercise.

“The best thing about Trey is that he’s leaving the training field and he’s still the same today,” Aiyuk said on Sunday. “He spoke to us after a couple of plays that he would like to have back, and he spoke to us as if he had acted a play – what he saw, what he didn’t see, what he liked.”

Aiyuk was Lance’s favorite target throughout the 10 days of training, but the two were only able to connect once (in three attempts) during Sunday’s session. The Arizona State product isn’t worried about his quarterback, knowing the potential of Lance with the ball in his hands.

Aiyuk says reaching a third straight day of training after what may have been the longest session on Saturday could also be a factor. In the “dog days” of the training camp, all players experience ups and downs.

“One thing I learned is that you never know what these guys’ arms will feel like,” Aiyuk said. “The same goes for us, we go out some days, our legs are tired. They might expect us to swerve out of a route and come out of our breaks much quicker than us, and our legs are a bit tired so we can’t.

“They come out here throwing some balls, so we just have to look at that, correct it after a day off and get better.”

The 49ers are taking a much-needed break Monday after three straight practice sessions. They will then practice on Tuesday and Wednesday to prepare for their first preseason competition, which hosts the Green Bay Packers on Friday.

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Aiyuk hinted that after practice on Sunday, Lance will work as diligently as if he were playing 12-a-side 12 and that no one on the roster thinks twice about their quarterback’s mental state.

“He’s still talking to us and trying to figure it out,” Aiyuk said. “He’s a balanced guy with a balanced keel, so we’re not worried about him at all. We’ll take a look and move on. That’s what practice is for.”

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