1674879453 4 villages in the Ligurian hinterland to visit during Sanremo

4 villages in the Ligurian hinterland to visit during Sanremo 2023 Voloscontato

The Sanremo Festival can be an opportunity for a weekend in Liguria. But if you prefer the tranquility of villages surrounded by nature to the glamor of Italy’s most singing week, here are 4 Ligurian hinterland villages to visit during Sanremo 2023.

4 villages in the Ligurian hinterland to visit during Sanremo 2023 Bajardo(PhD student Stefan Schweihofer, Pixabay)

During the Sanremo Music Festival 2023, Not only the well-known Ligurian town is full of VIPs, tourists and onlookers, but also the coastal area. People come to San Remo to visit him sightseeing attractions but above all to try to spot singers and famous people who roam the streets, restaurants and hotels during the days of the Italian Song Festival.

If you have decided to spend a few days sanremo there are too many Villages of the hinterland, which are true oases of peace and which are not lacking sightseeing attractions to be seen. nature, culture, typical dishesLandscapes and panoramas are attractions that you can discover in it 4 villages to visit during Sanremo 2023, all in the province of Imperia.

Ligurian hinterland villages to visit during the Sanremo Festival 2023: what they are and what to see

what to see during Sanremo 2023 Perinaldo(Ph credit Municipality of Perinaldo, Wikimedia Commons)

Seborga – Seborga is a village inland between Ospedaletti and Bordighera, in an elevated panoramic position on a promontory covered with dense forests. In this Village from only 277 inhabitants there are numerous sightseeing attractions worth seeing as is the church of San Martino di Tours from the first half of the 17th century. The baroque facade is very colorful and has frescoes. The Palace of the Monks is a 17th-century building that derives its name from the former seat of the monks of Lérins and the principality’s mint. Yes why Seborga It has become famous for claiming the status of an independent principality since 1950 for historical reasons. The citizens elect a prince with fictitious functions, they have minted their own currency, the Luigino. The village also has its own license plate, which can only be used alongside the legal one.

Perinaldo – Perched on a hilltop near the picturesque villages of Dolceacqua and Apricale, Perinaldo was built around the year 1000 thanks to Rinaldo, a nobleman of the Counts of Ventimiglia family. It retains the layout of the Middle Ages Old Town Here you can visit the 11th-century Church of San Nicola da Bari, the Oratory of San Benedetto, the 17th-century Church of Sant’Antonio, the Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Visitation, which houses one of the largest sundials in the world, the “Giovanni Domenico Cassini” museum dedicated to the history and studies of the Perinaldese astronomer.

Bayardo – Bajardo is a mountain village between the peaks of the Maritime Alps. His Old Town It preserves all the characteristic elements of the Ligurian villages: stone buildings, narrow streets, houses that develop upwards and are connected to each other by arches. Its territory is visited both from prehistoric times. To see: the remains of the ancient parish church of San Nicolò, dating back to 1245, the former oratory of San Salvatore, which houses valuable works of art, and the municipal art gallery.

Ceriana – Ceriana rises in the valley of the Armea torrent, surrounded by the peaks of the Sanremo hinterland. It seems that the Village was founded by the Romans who, due to its strategic location, built houses, watchtowers and a pagan temple dedicated to Apollo. In addition to the Palazzo dei conti Roverizio di Roccasterone and the Civic Tower of Sant’Andrea, there are many in the village churches To visit: the Church of Saints Peter and Paul, the complex of the ancient Church of Saints Peter and Paul, Romanesque style from the 11th century, the Oratories of the Brotherhoods of the Green, Red and Blue, the small Church of San Salvatore , in Romanesque style, one of the oldest buildings, arose in an area originally dedicated to the pagan cult of the sun god.

Other famous villages around Sanremo

If during a Weekend in Sanremo If you don’t want to leave the sea, on the coast and in the immediate vicinity of Sanremo you can visit Bordighera, Santo Stefano al Mare and San Lorenzo al Mare. In these small villages overlooking the sea You can discover and enjoy the beauties of the Riviera dei Fiori typical dishes of the Sanremo coast, especially fish dishes such as stuffed anchovies.