4 tips to stop throwing your food out the window

4 tips to stop throwing your food out the window

Food waste is a climate concern in Quebec: it alone is responsible for no less than 4% of the province’s total emissions. This bad habit would also cost households nearly $1,300 a year. Do you know these few tricks to put an end to it?

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Demystifying soft carrots and wilted tops

A great way to fight food waste is to educate yourself about preservation techniques and undereating food. For example: The carrots have become very soft after being in the fridge for a long time? A cold water bath and they regain their firmness. And then their tops? Hop, this makes a pesto with carrot tops. The internet is full of tips on how to store food properly, how to prepare the unusual parts, or even give food a new life. Great challenges for connoisseurs eager to discover that the best place for leek tips is in a zucchini soup!

Discover anti-waste apps

Too Good to go, Backup, FlashFood, Une Bonne Chance or FoodHero: anti-waste apps compete in the fight against wasted food, to the delight of the climate and your wallet. Why pass up a grocery bag full of unsold items of the day, or even a good meal from a restaurant at a low price? Psst, your favorite store isn’t on any anti-trash app? speak in him!

Become an organizational ace

As an aside, tackling food waste requires planning and management while controlling the greedy department. Yes / Yes ! It all starts with good menu planning to avoid cluttering the grocery shelves unnecessarily. Then you need to tame (erm…manage) your fridge and cupboards to prevent food from spoiling in the shade or fresh produce hiding behind pickles. Make no mistake: this is an art. There are also many blogs and websites to help you with this quest, such as Too Good To Go and Trois fois par jour. Do you REALLY know your refrigerator?

Accept the Leftovers Challenge

What to do with a piece of cabbage, a piece of cheese and leftover pasta? Here’s a great riddle for your food creativity (or for the Fridge Magic app). Fighting food waste is a fun way to discover new recipes and culinary practices. And then, as with all challenges, you sometimes have to persevere, but in the end there is satisfaction to have saved time, money and greenhouse gases by using the leftovers in the fridge!