4 million was the amount Vicente Fernandez gave to an

“$4 million” was the amount Vicente Fernández gave to an alleged lover, according to Merle Uribe

Tijuana, Baja California.- Based on a bioseries about the life of Vicente FernandezRumors about his love life have surfaced again.

In an interview for Gustavo Adolfo Infante, Merle Uribe spoke about it the alleged illegitimate son of the Charro, Rodrigo Fernández and his mother.

The actress explained that they told singer Patricia Rivera’s ex to buy her silence: “$4 million for him to stop speaking.”

To silence the mass of rumours

He also shared that he almost had an affair with the famous: “Well, well, a bit, but as a result of that, Paty has already stepped in and since he told her he’s going to have a son, well, there …, that means we keep on the phone, but not like this.

The moment he found out, waiting for Rodrigo, he exclaimed: “I was very sorry, firstly because a son had impaled him and secondly because the boy left at 18 and sued Vicente, they almost had confiscated the ranch. so it doesn’t get done. And that’s when Vicente said, “Don’t mess with my family again, take that $4 million and it’s over.”

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