.3 billion in damage to the agricultural sector in Ukraine

$4.3 billion in damage to the agricultural sector in Ukraine

According to Kiev’s calculations, Ukraine’s agriculture suffered damage of 4.3 billion US dollars (4.1 billion euros) as a result of the Russian war of aggression. According to a report by researchers commissioned by the Ministry of Agriculture in Kyiv, large areas have been damaged or contaminated by mines. Therefore, a harvest worth 1.43 billion dollars could not be carried out.

The cost of the necessary survey and mine clearance was estimated at US$436 million. In addition, agricultural technology was destroyed for 926 million US dollars. Irrigation systems worth $225 million were damaged in Russian-occupied areas of southern Ukraine. Damage to the grain silos was estimated at €272 million. In addition, Russia had transported grain worth US$613 million from the occupied territories.

Losses in livestock production were estimated at US$ 136 million. Farm animals were not only killed by bombing, they also died from lack of food or poor veterinary care. The report put 42,000 dead sheep and goats, 92,000 cattle, 258,000 pigs and more than 5.7 million heads of birds.