3 Zodiac Signs EMOTIONALLY BREAKING during the Moon in Sagittarius

3 Zodiac Signs EMOTIONALLY BREAKING during the Moon in Sagittarius

That means we don’t just see the big picture, but can prioritize which thoughts are most important and which need to step back and take a back seat.

Today is all about priorities and focus; In order to focus, we need to tap into that place within ourselves that allows us to turn off certain things. In other words, because of the Moon in Sagittarius, we can literally turn off our emotions so we can do what we came here to do.

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Sagittarius lunations allow us to see from different angles; We can finally see something for what it is, rather than how we want it to be.

But being so clear takes determination; We need to prioritize our whole lives so we can work on what needs help and be sure that the things that don’t need help will survive better if left alone.

And that’s where we use our discretion. We may be able to turn off our feelings and emotions today, but we have to be careful how we do it.

Sagittarius is not known for speaking carefully and is more prone to sudden words and phrases. So if we don’t step in and direct this, we can end up shutting down our feelings only to find out we’ve hurt someone badly. included.

So try yourself and use discretion today, zodiac sign. It’s great that you can turn off your emotions, but a word of warning, make sure everything is explained before you do this.

The three signs of the Zodiac that will emotionally separate during the Moon in Sagittarius January 17-19, 2023:

1. Aries (March 21 – April 19)

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Even if you’re super passionate, when it comes time to focus, you’ll do whatever it takes to achieve it. You can turn off distractions and easily turn off your feelings about the things and people that require your time, attention, and compassion.

Today, January 17th, begins the lunar transit in Sagittarius and with it comes the intentional isolation; That’s right, today is the day you choose to be alone in a self-imposed isolation environment closed to others.

You need your freedom and you have good reasons to defend this need.

If you avoid certain people, it’s up to them to translate why you’re behaving the way you do. You don’t feel the need to explain yourself, and you shouldn’t have to.

Today will bring you success, and the only way to achieve it is to shut the world’s access to your brain.

2. Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

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One day you loved someone and the next you didn’t. How did it happen? It just happened, Taurus, the way things like this happen.

You respond to the Moon in Sagittarius and it encourages you to be honest with yourself and the truth of your situation is that you no longer feel for the person you are dealing with.

Maybe they did something to make you feel that way, but whatever they did, it turned you into someone who is now cold.

You can’t see your person the same way anymore, and when you test yourself, you find that you turn it off every day. Over the next few days you will see the Moon in Sagittarius working with this idea as you gradually transition into feelings akin to being in a frozen wasteland. There is no love here and somehow… you don’t care anymore.

3. Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

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Once you figure out how to make things work, you realize that the only way to do it is to remove yourself from a social situation that is asking too much of you.

That means on that day, January 17, 2023, during the Moon in Sagittarius, you know what to do: turn off your feelings for so-and-so and duck the price.

The only way you can see yourself soaring to success is if you stay focused, which means you can’t let other people’s noise and confusion catch you up and keep you in place.

They need momentum, speed and movement; You can’t suddenly stop what you’re doing so you can listen in detail to someone else’s complaint, especially if that complaint affects you! You’re the one going today, and while that might not come with a standing ovation, it’s sure to help get you where you want to be.