3 photos of Harnaaz Sandhu confirming her radical physical change

3 photos of Harnaaz Sandhu confirming her radical physical change since receiving the Miss Universe crown

Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu At just 22, she competed in beauty pageants from a young age until, in 2021, she received the major title for her natural beauty, that of Miss Universe for being considered the most beautiful in the world, and recently presented with the crown as the new beauty queen

These are the pictures showing the physical change that Harnaaz Sandhu has endured:

Sandhu, shortly after receiving the crown. Source: Instagram harnaazsandhu_03

Sandhu was the third representative of India to receive the precious crown and was responsible for spreading menstrual hygiene campaigns in different countries like hers throughout her reign, thanks to the support of her mother, a gynecologist. But apparently on the way through miss universe not everything was positive.

The young beauty queen suffered greatly from the weight social networksHe received a lot of negative news regarding his physical appearance, since his figure was much thinner at the time of receiving the precious crown, at the end of the year and the handing over of the crown an important physical change was noticed.

Harnaaz continued with his beauty intact. Source: Instagram harnazsandhu_03

Undoubtedly, wearing the most important crown in beauty pageants had a very strong impact on the private life of Harnaaz Sandhuresulting in her depression and vulnerable mood, to the point that she was unable to control her body weight during the year she wore the crown and gained weight.

Updated photo of the former beauty queen. Source: Instagram harnaazsandhu_03

Therefore, going through a difficult year and receiving negative comments about her physical appearance changed her intimate life and depression, especially the fact of being a public image.


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