3 NETFLIX movies to PREMIERE Wednesday July 6th

3 NETFLIX movies to PREMIERE Wednesday July 6th

Netflix will have a seventh month of 2022 full of adrenaline and excellent productions, do not miss these 3 recommendations movies you must see once your premiere on Wednesday July 6th so you have time to prepare and enjoy your favorite snack

these 3 movies that will be part of the premieres in Netflix of the month from July They will be making their debut on the platform and aim to capture the audience that is torn between new streamed content applications on a daily basis.

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Mortal Engines

Peter Jackson, the director who brought the Lord of the Rings to life, presented this new film in 2018 with which he tried to reposition a classic of science fiction literature among the first takes, that’s what Mortal Engines or Mortal is about Machines, the sublime work that will keep you on the edge of your seat Netflix the next 5 of July.

In a post-apocalyptic world, thousands of years after the destruction of civilization, gigantic cities roam the earth and mercilessly attack smaller traction cities. In one of those colossal cities, London’s underclass Tom Natsworthy must fight for his life alongside dangerous fugitive Hester Shaw.

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the sea monster

The new animated film Netflix will be available on the platform on July 6th, “The Sea Monster” once again combines the most innovative animation techniques with a solid story that will touch the most sensitive fibers premiere You have the ideal excuse to get the whole family together.

Karl Urban, the protagonist of The Boys, is responsible for voicing The Sea Monster, a film that tells the story of a young stowaway who sneaks into the ship of a legendary sea monster hunter and together they create an epic Journey through this ship enters unknown seas

Dangerous Friendships

This is the new film adaptation of a novel by Netflix and will hit the platform next July 6thso drama and romance are guaranteed this month with the premiere of dangerous friendships.

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is Movie tells the story of the scholar Célène who falls in love with Tristan, the bad boy at her new school in Biarritz. What he doesn’t know is that he made a very cruel bet with the popular Vanessa. See everything you want.