24 hours without a screen an even more relevant challenge

24 hours without a screen: an even more relevant challenge this year

In 2022, putting down your phone, tablet, or computer for even a few hours is a feat. This is the challenge presented by the screen-free 24-hour day.

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While the general public agrees that taking a break is beneficial, it’s easier said than done.

“We have become very accustomed to the screens. It’s like a simple fix we have and it’s become a second reflex,” says one resident.

“I find that we are becoming more and more dependent on devices. I mean we’re having a hard time waiting. As soon as we have a device and have to wait a few moments, we pick up our phone,” explains one citizen.

As a sign of our increasing reliance on screens, whatever they are, 54% of Quebecers say they feel panic when their phone’s battery dies. A worrying statistic as there are many risks associated with hyper-connectivity, including lack of sleep and even social isolation.

“The risks are that too much use, abuse, it really has an impact, both in terms of physical health. So we’re going to talk about a sedentary lifestyle, in terms of weight, we will have consequences in terms of sleep, also at the relationship level, in terms of well-being,” emphasizes Julie Maye, coordinator of the pause campaign , family section.

The proposed challenge can help screen users become more aware of their habits, especially in a society emerging from a pandemic that has just had less social contact.