2023 The year starts strong for Tunisians Digital Tunisia

2023: The year starts strong for Tunisians! Digital Tunisia

2023 The year starts strong for Tunisians Digital Tunisia

By D | January 02, 2023 at 09:14 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn WhatsApp

All over the world, the New Year is an occasion for the exchange of sweet wishes.

Wishing our loved ones good luck, success and success, we often commit to incorporating new habits into a good atmosphere and an atmosphere full of positive waves.

In Tunisia, positivity seems to have a very different definition!

Disappointed and disgusted, the Tunisians endured another ordeal this morning.

They greeted the new year with a double problem: individual taxis who declared a strike in the greater Tunis area to ask the government to publish Decree No. 2202 related to the issuance of permits, and the strike of the Transtu, which stopped traffic of buses and subways. Nice coincidence!

And this without forgetting that these two events coincide with a dense activity of the means of transport with the immense number of workers and students towards Greater Tunis.

In the face of this chaos, they really have no choice: either take public transport at all risks or miss their commitments! A luxury that few can afford.

Poor citizen…

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