1667433741 2 attack helicopters destroyed

2 attack helicopters destroyed

The incredible images of the blitz attack by Ukrainian saboteurs at the airport in Russia’s Pskov region, fifty kilometers from the Estonian border and about 250 kilometers from St. Petersburg, which destroyed two Kamov 52 alligators and damaged two others.

2 attack helicopters destroyed

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In the beginning one thought of a accident. But when the first videos appeared on Telegram, the dynamics of what was happening at the airport in the Russian region was Pskov50 kilometers from the Estonian border and about 250 kilometers from St. Petersburg, one thing was clear: it was a lightning of Ukrainian saboteurs which they carried out in enemy country and managed to destroy two attack helicopters Kamov 52 alligator and damaging two others.

In the incredible images published on Telegram, the attacker can be seen laying the charges against him explosive on helicopters. The commandos filmed themselves moving calmly through the enemy installation and revealed a number of details that served to confirm what had happened: The position was geolocated exactly, which confirms that the attack was actually carried out at the airport Veretieon the outskirts of Pskov.

However, the episode opened up debate. The men are concealed and do not wear Ukrainian uniforms. But the suspicion is that the saboteur team assumed that Baltic countries, where support for the Ukrainian resistance is total. They may have done so without reporting from the institutions. But of course the Russian President Putin will not be happy about it and thus increases the worries about a possible further one escalation from violence.

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Moreover, this is the second blitz of the Ukrainian saboteurs against Russia: only last week there was an attack on port of Sevastopol, destined to enter the manuals: for the first time in history there was a coordinated attack by Aerial drones and Marine- middle of the night. Putin’s retaliation was severe: the Kremlin He interrupted the grain export program from Odessa negotiated with Turkey and the UN, although he then reversed his steps.