18 year old Royal Guard escorting Queen Elizabeths coffin found

18 year old Royal Guard escorting Queen Elizabeth’s coffin found dead at barracks d

Just two weeks ago he accompanied them Queen’s coffin Elizabeth at a state funeral in London on Wednesday soldier 18-year-old Jack Burnell-Williams was found died in the barracks of British Army from Hyde Park. Finding him lifeless were some colleagues who alerted police and paramedics from the London Ambulance Service at around 3.48pm on Wednesday. Once there, the rescuers could not help but determine the death of the young man of natural causes.

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A Royal Guard escorting the Queen’s coffin has been found dead in Hyde Park Barracks

On the day of the Queen’s funeral, the soldier’s family had proudly posted a video of the regimental troops on horseback attending the ceremony, saying their son was “doing his duty to the Queen on her final journey”. But a few days later her mother Laura, 42, posted a photo of her son, known to her family as Jak, on horseback in his ceremonial uniform announcing his untimely death: “I never thought I would say that but we like family we are all heartbroken at the sudden death of our beautiful son Jak Williams yesterday.”

The parents, who no longer live in the same house but reside in Bridgend, Wales, were informed hours after the tragedy. As did the young man’s friend Molly Holmes, who wrote on social media: “I will miss you forever my love. Really heartbroken ». “We will master all of this together as a team. We have to make him as proud as we are of us,” added Jak’s sister Elisha.

At the funeral, her mother Laura recalled her boyfriend’s commitment to the Crown: “We hope to have made the Royal Family proud and know that our thoughts and prayers are with them as they continue to mourn the loss of a loved one mourn”

In June, the woman had released a series of photos and TV footage of the boy attending the Trooping of the Color at the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations, with the caption: “One of the proudest days of my life”. No one could have guessed that this would be his last summer.

Last updated: Saturday 1 October 2022 09:15