1700 year old wine bottle is the oldest in the world and still drinkable  earth

1700 year old wine bottle is the oldest in the world and still drinkable earth

According to experts, although the liquid looks strange, it is still safe to drink.


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In Germany, more precisely in the city of Speyer, there is the Historical Museum of Platin, where you can learn more about the Middle Ages, see hundredyearold pieces of gold and see them up close the oldest wine bottle in the worldwith almost 1700 years.

The “Speyer wine bottle” is appreciated. made around 325 AD. She was found buried with two upperclass Romans. In 1867 this tomb was found and the bottle was still intact and fully sealed.

Wine lovers are probably already wondering: “Can you drink this wine?”. According to an article published in IFL Science Yes, it is possible to drink wine that has been stored for 1700 years in this bottle. “It’s probably not spoiled microbiologically, but it wouldn’t please the palate,” wine professor Monika Christmann told Futurism.

According to the teacher, what is seen in the bottle is still a solid mixture that can be compared to resin, but cannot be considered winethat’s because all Alcohol content has already been lost.

In an Instagram post about the bottle, the museum wrote that the taste “would probably be comparable to one tasteless chewing gum“. Which might not sound like a terrible idea, but it’s not convincing either.

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The museum’s collections director, Ludger Tekampe, spoke to The Local about the bottle, saying he’s the only staff member who has ever worked with the piece and saying it feels strange to touch. “We’re not sure if he took the shock or not. [do] Air. There are those who believe it should be subjected to further scientific analysis, but we’re not sure,” he said.

According to the museum, the Romans poured olive oil over wine to prevent air from coming into contact with the liquid. And apparently it worked! Wine remains stable even after several centuries. A thin layer of wax over the mouth of the bottle also helped, keeping the wine securely sealed.

The bottle has not been opened to date and probably never will be.According to IFL Science, experts are not sure whether the wine would survive afterwards. So the curiosity continues.

In addition to the liquid The bottle is also a work of artholds 1.5 liters and is adorned with handles inspired by dolphins.

THE Admission to the Platinate Historical Museum is freeso if you want to travel around Germany and get to know it, you don’t even have to spend your euro.

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