12 songs to celebrate love

12 songs to celebrate love

This Valentine’s Day, love is in the air… and in our ears. Would you like to create the perfect musical atmosphere on this day? The best titles for your romantic dinner? The newspaper brings you 12 great Quebec songs to party like it should.

The lastGuylaine Tanguay

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Surely we all dream that our first love is also the last. But of course life sometimes has other plans. With this in mind, Guylaine Tanguay offers us this magnificent ode to kindred spirits who “traveled and had adventures before they found each other”. (BL)

only love Jean-François Breau and Marie-Eve Janvier


Being loved often makes us feel invincible. Even immortal. And in Only Love he even promises to tame the fires of hell. In short, it’s the perfect anthem to listen to as you snuggle up to your Don Juan (or Maria, of course). (BL)

so that you love me again Celine Dion

Celine Dion has spent her career singing about love. His hits are legion. But so that you still love me remains one of his most beautiful offers. Because even if we don’t know what his famous “Magic Formulas of the Marabouts of Africa” ​​are, this piece still imposes itself on every Valentine’s Day. (BL)

I’ll be a hundred years old Beyries (with Louis Jean Cormier)

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This track from Quebec singer-songwriter Beyries is loaded with sweetness. The singer’s voice is very good, as is the perfect connection with that of Louis-Jean Cormier. A guitar, two voices and moving lyrics: a perfect recipe for February 14th. (SEN)

I leave you notes Patrick Watson

“I will left you words under your door, under the singing moon”, Patrick Watson starts behind his eternal piano. On Valentine’s Day we let this song slide to the other albums of the artist who seems to write especially for lovers. (SEN)

a chance we have Jean Pierre Ferland

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Jean-Pierre Ferland wrote this song for a cat, but this great song about love and friendship is also suitable for humans. A beautiful text full of sensitivity. A simple and brilliant melody. everything is here (YL)

KraftDinner, Lisa LeBlanc

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Love on Valentine’s Day is often about big things, multi-course meals in restaurants and extravagance. With Kraft Dinner, Lisa LeBlanc talks about love through the little things of everyday life, the realities of life and without the fla-fla. That too is love. (YL)

The night is a panther Praise

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Vincent Roberge sings of the fiery passion he hopes for in the bedroom in this sensual piece that leaves little room for interpretation and invites reconciliation. To end the evening in good company. (RGM)

The silent landmarkVincent Vallieres

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We could have put the classic, but overdone, we’ll love each other again. Instead, let’s start with another great love piece from Vallières that is much less well known. “You are the star, you are the port / You are my silent emblem,” he sings on this goosebump-inducing composition. (RGM)

So, John Leloup

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Jean Leloup, a great romantic? But that’s exactly what it is on the pretty Here it is. “I want to tell you that I love you, that’s it / I want to tell you that I love you, anything,” he sings in that simple but saying-it-all statement. (RGM)

crazy everywhere Charlotte Cardin (with CRi)

The gorgeous original version by Daniel Bélanger would do just as well, but this fine rereading by Charlotte Cardin doesn’t take away a morsel of romance from it, quite the contrary. (BC)

on my shoulder The dashing cowboys

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A touching hymn to the perseverance of a couple who have overcome the rigors of everyday life and continue to love each other. If this isn’t love, we wonder what it could be. (BC)