100% electric vehicles: Two new vans on our roads

100% electric vehicles: Two new vans on our roads

Canadian company Kruger Energy will reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 380 tons per year thanks to its two new 100% electric delivery vans already driving on Quebec’s roads.

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These two 100% electric Class 8 semi-trailers are among the first to be deployed in Canada and among the first in Canada’s tissue paper industry, the tissue paper maker, including Cashmere, SpongeTowels and White Swan, said in a statement Thursday .

These make it possible to replace a diesel truck and reduce the company’s greenhouse gas emissions by 380 tons per year. This is equivalent to removing 90 passenger cars from the roads.

The fossil fuel savings amount to 150,000 liters per year for each vehicle, the company said. Trucks are expected to run 20 hours a day, 7 days a week and cover more than 1,000 km per day – a total of 365,000 km per year.

“In addition to their positive impact on air quality, these zero-emission vehicles, which are much quieter than conventional trucks, will help reduce noise pollution associated with freight transport,” the press release reads.

The company has already ordered 50 more electric trucks and expects to have 15 to 20 on the road over the next 24 months.

“In addition, by collecting usage data from truck batteries, we will expand our knowledge of energy storage, a key element for renewable energy generation,” added Jean Roy, vice-president principal and chief operating officer of Kruger Energy. added.

This data could be used to offer a fleet electrification service to companies looking to increase the use of sustainable modes of transport, the company said.