10 options for Tom Brady’s future

10 options for Tom Brady’s future

Now that quarterback Tom Brady is on a rush vacation due to the Buccaneers’ early exit, questions about his future will be on everyone’s lips.

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At 45, he might decide to move on, but he’ll become a free agent in March, and the prospect of a third chapter in his illustrious career following stints in New England and Tampa might become too tempting. We take stock of its possible options.

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Back to the bucs

At the conclusion of his end-of-season media briefing Monday night, Brady mentioned that he loves the organization and that it’s a great place to play. Offensive injuries haven’t helped the Bucs this season. The receivers also lack speed. It can be corrected, but the team is in the red on the salary cap side.

San Francisco 49ers

Many like to associate Brady with the 49ers because it’s his childhood team, he grew up in the area. That’s all well and good, but the Niners have two young quarterbacks to develop in Brock Purdy and Trey Lance. For one season maybe, but that doesn’t seem like the most logical option.

Las Vegas robbers

Salary isn’t an issue and the Raiders would make a lot of money while adding a quarterback who brings the credibility and winning culture that this organization so lacks. There are guns in place with Davante AdamsDarren Waller, Hunter Renfrow and Josh Jacobs.

Miami Dolphins

At the end of the season, the Dolphins assured that the quarterback would be next season Tua Tagovailoa. However, her young center’s recent concussions and Brady’s past flirting with the dolphins could be a game changer. With Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle, Brady would have the guns to win right away.

New York Jets

The Jets are building a quality defense, but the offense is stagnant without a quarterback. There are promising young offensive players in Garrett Wilson and Breece Hall. The offensive line has been plagued by injuries, but healthy should fare much better than they have this season. A return to the cold? Not sure…

Carolina Panther

The idea behind this curious project would be to bring together Brady and Sean Payton, who the Panthers are interested in, to fill their vacant head coaching position. It’s a small market but the owner is very rich. There are good receivers and a great base game. Not to mention a defense that the team can carry.

Tennessee Titans

Several will establish the link between Brady and his former teammate Mike Vrabel, head coach of the Titans. It’s natural to think that way, but in Tennessee the veteran quarterback would find himself in a situation where the offensive line needs partial rebuilding and there isn’t a truly proven receiver.

Indianapolis Colts

The Colts are on this list because they’ve been constantly looking for a quarterback since Andrew Luck retired, but it’s about time they turned to a youngster. Too many veterans have marched in Indianapolis since 2019. With fourth overall pick in the upcoming draft, it’s time to look to the future.

Saints of New Orleans

There is no such thing as an established Saints quarterback or an up-and-coming quarterback. On the other hand, the salary situation with around sixty million in the red is obviously not optimal. This option doesn’t seem the most plausible.


Perhaps, despite all of these options and a few others that might surprise you, Brady will decide the time has come to go after all. On the FOX network, a monstrous 10-year contract for 375 million awaits him in an analyst’s chair.


Brady will still have the sting of gambling. Where from? The chances that he’d rather not uproot himself another time by staying with the Buccaneers are real, but the lure of Las Vegas will be strong. Brady would find his old accomplice Josh McDaniels. The spot is vacant with the departure of Derek Carr, which will save the Raiders money. Brady may be reluctant to end up in the same division as Patrick Mahomes (Chiefs) and Justin Herbert (Chargers), but he’s never backed down from a challenge.

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