10 million BRL!  Woman wins the lottery twice in less than 2 months

10 million BRL! Woman wins the lottery twice in less than 2 months

Winning the lottery once is good enough, but imagine winning two millionaire prizes with a difference of just two months? Yes! This is possible and it happened to one woman who showed this unprecedented feat. The lucky woman won more than R$ 10 million in the lottery. This is the accumulated amount after two wins in months. Is it luck or technique?

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Apparently it is happiness! Kenya Sloan is 41 years old. She lives in the city of Northern California in the United States. She won the second highest prize in October 2022 after purchasing a scratch card that cost her just $20.

R$10 million in the lottery

Kenya Sloan didn’t have that many problems. In fact, there was no need to pick the numbers or use any techniques. She just bought two lucky scratch cards, so she didn’t have to bet anything!

The woman won forgive in the amount of 2 million US dollars, which corresponds to 10.4 million R$ today. What caught the story’s attention the most was that this wasn’t the first time she’d been victorious by investing in the lottery.

By August of the same year, Kenya had raised US$1 million, equivalent to R$5.2 million. Of course, after two wins practically in a row, the woman has ended up in the media and earning even more money.

She said upon noticing that she had achieved one more win, that is, won twice a year lottery, was in shock. Then a feeling of gratitude overcame her. If winning again wasn’t enough, the second prize was even bigger. She said the family couldn’t believe it when she broke the news that she had won again.

Kenya was able to buy her dream house with the first prize. Now, with the second amount, she hopes to open her own restaurant. After securing her home, she wants to do something and cash out the money.