10 Actors Who Regretted Their Movies

10 Actors Who Regretted Their Movies

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Almost everyone has a damn past. And it would be no different for big stars of Hollywood. Even the most successful movie stars occasionally choose questionable or contradictory films and later regret it.

On this list you will meet actors and actresses who have some regrets about having worked in certain films.

Mark Wahlberg

The actor Mark Wahlberg has publicly stated that if there’s one role he regrets playing, it’s in the film boogie nightsin Paul Thomas Anderson.

While it’s one of the most celebrated of his career, the role of a young porn actor who gets caught up in a world of ambition and drugs isn’t something Wahlberg is proud of.

As a devout Catholic, the actor said: “I always hope that God is a movie fanatic and also forgives because I’ve made some bad choices in my past. “Boogie Nights” is at the top of the list.”

Nicole Kidman

“I can’t watch this movie and be proud of what I’ve done”which is Nicole Kidman have to say something about that Australiamovie from Baz Luermann that the actress is acting alongside Hugh Jackman.

The role of the British aristocrat Sarah Ashley is a major regret of Kidman’s career. Though she said her costars were “Marvelous”the actress admits that she just couldn’t connect emotionally with her character, even going so far as to “squirm” in her seat while watching the film.

Charlize Theron

For Charlize Theronfew movies are as bad as hard gameCrime feature film that played alongside Ben Affleck. When asked about her career regrets, the actress opened up about the production and said

“It was a really, really, really bad movie. But even though the movie sucked, I worked with John Frankenheimer.” said. “I wasn’t lying to myself that’s why I made this film.”

Jogo Duro was massacred by peer reviews and caused a loss for the studio in 2000 in addition to being included in the list of productions that his actors regret having been a part of.

Channing Tatum

A lot of people don’t like the adaptations of GI Joeincluding the star of the films, Channing Tatum. The actor admitted he had to direct the first film due to contractual issues with Paramount. He recently announced that he had turned down the role. seven times before being forced to take part in the production.

Speaking to Vanity Fair, the actor said:

“The first time I turned it down seven times, but they had an option and I had to do the film. Of course, I didn’t want to do it with the second one either.” specified. In order to get out of the franchise, the actor managed to get his character killed in the first minutes of the second film.

Miles Teller

The actor Miles Teller brought the character to life peter hayes in the adaptation of the literary saga different. But some time later, in an interview with W magazine, he revealed that he was not at all happy with the franchise.

“I didn’t have an interesting role on Divergent and I only signed for business reasons. That was the first film I did that was meant to have an international audience. I called my agent and said, ‘This sucks.’

Afterward, the actor said he’s proud of his role in the Divergent franchise — although he said in the same interview he feels “Dead inside” before she lands her next role in Whiplash.

Viola Davis

Viola Davis was nominated for an Oscar for her role in the film cross storiesbut still, she admits she regrets doing the film because she feels it doesn’t give black characters a voice.

“I just felt like the maids’ voice wasn’t heard at the end”‘ Davis said. “I know Aibileen [sua personagem no filme]. I know Minnie [personagem de Octavia Spencer]. You are my grandmother. you are my mother And I know if you want to make a film whose premise is to understand what it’s like working for white people and raising their children in 1963, I want to hear how you really feel about it. And I never heard that in the movie.”.

Jim Carey

The actor Jim Carey took before the release of Twitter kick ass 2 to talk about his relationship to film. For him, the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting got him thinking about the violence the film promoted and prompted him to apologize for his participation in the project.

“I did KickAss a month before Sandy Hook and now I can’t in good conscience support that level of violence. My apologies to everyone.”

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck reveals that he doesn’t like destroyera blind vigilante film he starred in in 2003. As he took on the role of Batman, the actor reconsidered his decision to make the Marvelbased film and said he regretted the feature film.

**”The only movie I really regret is Daredevil. It just kills me. I love the story, I love the character and the fact that it was damned** So it stays with me. Maybe that’s part of the motivation for making Batman.”

Afterward, the actordirector expressed his hatred even more directly, saying:

“Part of it was that I wanted to do one of those films once and I wanted to do it right make a good version. I hate Daredevil so much.”

George Clooney

No one in their right mind would defend themselves Batman and Robinnot even the director and not even the star of the film, George Clooney. Speaking to The Howard Stern Show, the actor explained it “physically hurts” Watch your performance “terrible”.

“The truth is, I was bad in that movie. Akiva Goldsman who has since won Oscars for screenwriting he wrote the screenplay and it’s an awful screenplay, he’ll tell you Joel Schumacher, who just passed away, directed the film and he said, ‘Yes , it did not work.’ We all screwed it up.”

Batman and Robin was panned by critics and is considered one of the worst superhero movies of all time.

Hall Berry

DC’s bat universe has another film that is widely remembered as terrifying: cat woman. with Hall BerryThe plot actually has little to do with the iconic DC Comics character, and the project resulted in the actress not only being heavily criticized but also conquered Golden Raspberry for the worst actress.

And to everyone’s surprise, she picked up her award by delivering a speech wryly thanking everyone who helped her reach that position.

“You don’t get a raspberry without a lot of help from a lot of people. First I want to thank Warner Brothers. Thanks for putting me in this shitty movie. It was exactly what my career needed.” said Berry and took it all in good spirits.

However, regret may not be the right word in the actress’ case. While Berry admits the film sucks, he says he has no regrets. “For me it was one of the biggest payments of my life and there is nothing wrong with that.” said.