➤ Boca Juniors vs. Board of Trustees: when and where to watch today’s game?

➤ Boca Juniors vs. Board of Trustees: when and where to watch today’s game?

Boca Juniors vs Board of Trustees when and where

Boca Juniors vs. LIVE Board of Trustees face off for Day 11 this Sunday 31st 2022 Pro League of Argentina Starts at 4:00 p.m. (Peruvian time) and 6:00 p.m. (Argentina time) at the Presbítero Bartolomé Grella Stadium. The game will be televised by TNT sports, ESPN Y StarPlus.

So that you don’t miss this engagement and today’s games, you can follow the broadcast of the Boca game for Argentine football via live streaming in La República Deportes.

Boca Juniors vs Patronage: Match Report

Boca Juniors vs PatronagePro League 2022
when do they playSunday 31 July
What’s the time?4:00 p.m. (Peruvian time) and 6:00 p.m. (Argentina time)
Channel?TNT Sports, ESPN and Star Plus
Where?Presbitero Bartolomé Grella Stadium

Boca juniors comes to this game after beating Estudiantes 3-1 with goals from Guillermo “Pol” Fernández, Marcos Rojo and Sebastián Villa at La Bombonera.

It is the fifth game for Hugo Benjamín Ibarra, who has taken charge of the Xeneizes since Battaglia left. The strategist won’t be able to count on Darío Benedetto, who has sustained an ankle injury.

While, patronage It comes from the 1:2 against Barracas Central. The venue will have some suspended absences including Nicolás Castro, coach Facundo Sava and coaching staff members Hernán López and Santiago Montanari.

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When do Boca Juniors vs Patronage play?

  • Uruguay: 6 p.m
  • Colombia: 4 p.m
  • Ecuador: 4 p.m
  • Mexico: 4 p.m
  • Peru: 4 p.m
  • Bolivia: 5 p.m
  • Chile: 5 p.m
  • Paraguay: 5 p.m
  • Venezuela: 5 p.m
  • United States (Miami, Washington DC, New York): 5 p.m
  • Argentina: 6 p.m
  • Brazil: 6 p.m

Which channel will broadcast Boca Juniors vs Patronage?

On Argentine territory is the Boca Juniors vs Patronage It will be broadcast on TNT Sports. It can be seen in the rest of South America ESPN Y StarPlus.

Which channel is TNT Sports?


  • DirecTV: Channel 603 (SD/HD) and Channel 1603 (HD)
  • InTV: Channel 630 (HD).


  • Cable TV: Channel 124 (Digital) and Channel 604 (HD)
  • Telecentre: Channel 112 (Digital) and Channel 1018 (HD)
  • Telered: channel 59 (digital) and channel 129 (HD).


  • Cablevisión Flow: Channel 124 (HD) and Channel 604 (HD)
  • Claro TV: Channel 121 (HD)
  • Movistar TV: Channel 250 (HD)
  • Dibox: Channel 639 (HD).

How to watch LIVE Boca Juniors vs Patronage on ESPN?

  • Peru: 504 SD and 740 HD (Movistar TV, Cable), 483 SD and 884 HD (Movistar Satellite TV), 621 SD and 1621 HD (DirecTV), 65 SD and 523 HD (Claro TV, Cable), 36 SD and 1711 HD (Clear TV, Satellite).
  • Argentina: 621 SD and 1621 HD (DirecTV), 22 analog and 103 digital/HD (Cablevisión), 104 digital and 1009 HD (Telecentro), 24 SD and 154 HD (Antina), 14 analog, 102 digital and 1000 HD (Supercanal ).
  • Uruguay: 621 SD and 1621 HD (DirecTV).
  • Colombia: 621 SD and 1621 HD (DirecTV), 483 SD and 884 HD (Movistar TV), 511 SD and 1511 HD (Claro TV, Cable), 510 SD and 540 HD (Claro TV, Satellite)
  • Chile: 621 SD and 1621 HD (DirecTV), 480 SD and 884 HD (Movistar TV), 174 SD and 474 HD (Claro TV); 49 (Santiago), 53 (Valparaíso), 55 (Concepción) and 841 HD (VTR).
  • Ecuador: 621 SD and 1621 HD (DirecTV), 200 SD and 730 HD (Cable TV Group), 302 SD and 703 HD (CNT).
  • Bolivia: 54 (Cotas), 508 SD and 701 HD (Tigo), 40 (Entel), 105 and 507 SD and 508 HD (Inter Satelital).
  • Paraguay: 63 SD and 124 HD (Claro TV).
  • Venezuela: 621 SD (SimpleTV), 483 SD (Movistar TV), 105 HD (Inter Satellite).
  • Mexico: 548 SD and 1550 HD (Sky), 501 (Star TV).

How to get Boca Juniors vs FREE ONLINE sponsorship?

So don’t miss the broadcast Boca Juniors vs Patronage online you can tune into the Star Plus signal, a streaming service through which you can access the full program of sporting events. In case you are unable to attend, you will have the opportunity to follow ONLINE coverage of this commitment via La República Deportes.

Possible alignments of Boca Juniors vs. Patronage

  • Boca juniors: Augustine Rossi; Luis Advincula, Carlos Zambrano, Marcos Rojo, Frank Fabra; Guillermo Fernández, Alan Varela, Juan Ramirez; Oscar Romero, Luis Vazquez and Sebastian Villa.
  • patronage: Facundo Altamirano; Raul Lozano, Juan Cruz Guasone, Francisco Alvarez, Lucas Kruspzky; Jonas Acevedo, Franco Leys, Juan Barinaga, Sebastian Medina; Axel Rodriguez and Jonathan Herrera.